Sam PhotoMy name is Samuel Williams and I moved to Portland Oregon in September of 2010.  I moved to Portland to work for the University of Portland.  I started as the Academic Technology Specialist and Trainer and in December of 2012 was promoted to Director of Academic Technology Services.  The goal of Academic Technology Services is to promote and advance the use of technology for instruction on the University campus.  In my work I have the privilege of working with some amazing faculty, staff and students.  We work on projects that range from iPads, social media, multimedia design, instructional design, digital badging, video portal using Kaltura/MediaSpace and digital storytelling.  I’m excited every day to go into the office and look forward to many years at UP.

I’m a Native Montanan and an enrolled member of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes, born and raised on the Flathead Indian Reservation.  I was raised by my mother and her family and was taught the importance of community, art, and celebrating the beauty of the world around us. I have been inspired by the strong Native women in my life and by a community that strives to carry on traditions and finding ways to live in two worlds as contemporary Indians.  I have carried on the tradition of Native American Beadwork, which compliments my love for photography and the digital arts.

I’m a geek, technologist, photographer, innovator and someone that loves to find solutions to problems.  I love my role as a community organizer and storytelling.  This site will help to tell my story.

My personal quotes:

  • The Person in your life that needs your love the most is, yourself.
  • Every morning you wake up you have a choice in the person you want to be that day.. make good choices.