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Fall 2012 to Present

Employer: University of Portland

Location: Portland OR

Supervisor: Curt Pederson, CIO – Dr. Tom Greene, Provost

Job Title: Director, Academic Technology Services

Duties: As the director I oversee the day to day operations of Academic Technology Services.  The department was created in 2010 with the primary purpose of promoting and advancing the use of technology for instruction on the University campus. My department focuses on faculty professional development, instructional design, instructional media design, computer labs, Moodle, Mahara, and WordPress.  I’m also in charge of the launch and support for Kaltura/Mediaspace as the campus video management solution.

Myself and my team assist faculty in reaching their teaching and technology goals by:

  • Partnering with faculty and staff to enhance the use of instructional technology.
  • Promoting the advancement of learning through the use of contemporary technology.
  • Facilitating the instructor’s ability to use technology inside and outside the classroom.
  • Building and enhancing skills in the use of technology.
  • Pioneering innovative delivery options to maximize student experience.

9/13/2010 to Fall 2012

Employer: University of Portland

Location: Portland OR

Supervisor: Scott Christian, Director of Academic Technology Services

Job Title: Academic Technology Specialist and Trainer

Duties: Assist University faculty across disciplines in the development and implementation of online instructional tools and content to support teaching and learning.    Developed electronic training resources using Camtasia, Jing, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Captivate, and Adobe Photoshop.  Developed resource sites for supported applications using WordPress.  Conduct large group, small group and one-on-one training sessions to assist faculty in the implementation of academic technology. Provide faculty with training on Moodle, Mahara, WebEx, WordPress, Podcasting, Adobe Products, iPads and other academic technology.  Represent the Academic Technology Services unit in meetings with academic departments and colleges, University-wide committees, task forces, and user groups.

5/2003 to 7/2010

Employer: Salish Kootenai College

Location: Pablo, MT

Supervisor: Lon Whitaker, VP of Business Affairs

Job Title: Director of Administrative IT Services

Duties: Started as the Webmaster in 2003 and was later promoted to Assistant Director of IT Services and then to Director of Administrative IT Services.  Managed the day-to-day operations of Administrative IT Services for Salish Kootenai College.  This included supervising the Systems Administrator, Database Manager, Telecommunications Specialist, 2 PC Support Technicians, Help Desk Support Specialist and a successful Internship Program.  Was the lead Systems Administrator and worked with the Director of Academic IT Services on strategic planning for the colleges IT infrastructure.  Duties also include special projects such as the implementation of the 1card system, Document Archiving and iTunes U.  Served as the Chair of the Marketing Committee for the 2008/2009 and the 2009/2010 academic years.

6/2001 to 5/2003

Employer: National Indian Telecommunications Institute

Location: Santa Fe, NM

Supervisor: Karen Buller, President and CEO

Job Title: Director of Technology

Duties: Purchase all hardware and software for the institute to ensure that all the new technology will work with existing systems.  Maintain and configure all computers, servers and network appliances.  Maintain the web presence for the Institute.  Create training programs for staff development and other grant related projects.  Work with the Director of Finance on budgets for technology and grants.  Perform Outreach technology support for Wings of America, Tesuque Pueblo Day School and other Native American organizations in and around the Santa Fe New Mexico Area.  Taught classes in technology under a grant for the Navajo Education Technology Consortium.  Taught classes and support the Virtual Museum Project at NITI.  Co-Instructed a Videoconferencing Workshop with the New York Institute of Technologies Education Enterprise Zone.

7/1999 to 4/2001

Employer: Salish Kootenai College

Location: Pablo, MT

Supervisor: Al Anderson, Director of IT

Job Title: Network Administrator

Duties: Was responsible for installing, configuring and supporting computers and software applications for the entire college.  Was responsible for technical support for personal workstations, printers, software applications and network services.  Was responsible for the purchasing of new hardware and software as well as the training of staff and faculty.  Other duties included listserv administration, website design and maintained and the creation of the campus catalog.  Served as a representative on the President’s Professional Advisory council for the 1999/2000 and 2000/2001 scholastic years.

Fall 1999

Employer: Salish Kootenai College

Location: Pablo, MT

Job Title: Part time instructor for Computer Science Department.

Duties: Instructor for CSCD 192 Web-page Development.



1/1998 to 8/1998
Employer:            All Nations Alliance for Minority Participation
Location:            Pablo, MT
Job Title:            Intern
Assist the All Nations AMP in the production of newsletters, mailings and other duties as assigned.
Special Assignment:  Assisted with the 6th Annual National Science Foundation Alliance for Minority Participation Research Conference.  The conference brought together 322 students, faculty and staff to compete in poster and oral competitions.  The competitions were in the fields of Science, Math and Engineering.

Summer 1997
Employer:             US WEST Communications
Location:              Denver, CO
Supervisor:           Cheryl Haskell
Job Title:              Quick Response Engineer
Performs the Design Engineering portion of the capacity provisioning process for a defined geographic area.  Designed hi-capacity (DS1, 56kb, 64kb, ISDN…) Jobs to satisfy orders, using standard equipment configurations.  Performs engineering work to meet customer demands that cannot be met with standard design.

Summer 1996
Employer:            US WEST Communications
Location:             Denver, CO
Supervisor:          Eileen Masquat
Job Title:             Manager, LNO
Performed a hardware and software inventory and developed several databases for the LNO department

Summer of 1995
Employer:            US WEST Communications
Location:             Denver, CO
Supervisor:          Emerlinda Cruz
Job Title:             Manager, Network and Technologies Services
Developed and maintained a large database consisting of 400+ records for the Network and Technology Services Mentoring Program.


January, 2003
Contract with the Santa Fe Mountain Center, Health Services Department for computer training.  Facilitated a day of computer training with an At Risk Youth Population for the Navajo Nation.

January – February, 2003
Completed the website for the NASA Earth Science Curriculum Project with the Indigenous Math and Science Institute.  My task on this contract was to create pages for each lesson, convert files to PDF and place all lessons on the site along with supporting resources for each lesson. Not responsible for updates made since the posting of the site in Feb. 2003.

July, 2002
Performed strategic planning around the IMSI (Indigenous Math and Science Institute) website.  Created the core components of their site. Not responsible for updates made since the posting of the site in July 2002.

October, 2001
Completed the website for the Santa Fe Mountain Center in Santa Fe New Mexico.  Not responsible for updates made since the posting of the site in Oct. 2001.

May, 2001
Completed a hardware and software upgrade for the Clay Angel Store in Santa Fe, NM.  New servers and workstations were installed at their 3 locations as well as an upgrade to the point of sales software.