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Finding My Creativity

I had a great conversation this fall with my students at the University of Portland.  We are collaborating to build a student run multimedia design studio, On The Bluff Studios.  I challenged them to create and share their creations with the world.  It was during that meeting that the tables turned and I was challenged to do the same.  Touché!!  I needed that wakeup call…

I’m a talented person, needing to remind myself of this, that requires art to survive.  I’m happy when I get the chance to capture a beautiful photo, draw a new pattern for my beadwork, or singing a song badly in the car.  Unfortunately, I tend to overwork because I’m passionate about my vocation.  The irony is that so much of my work with instructional design requires me to flex my artistic muscles.  Now that I’m a Director of a department I tend to get lost in the administrative tasks and don’t take enough time on the “fun”.

To honor myself and my students I’m going to… CREATE!

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