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Instructional Design

At the University of Portland I supervise our Instructional Designer and participate in the Instructional Design process.  I work with faculty to look at course re-designs and the delivery of technology assisted, hybrid and fully online courses.  Since we have a small team, I will often assist with video capture/production and other duties as part of the ID process.  We follow the ADDIE model as well as influences from other models.  We work closely with the content expert to ensure quality in the courses.

One success I want to share is with some work I did with Familias en Acción in Portland, OR.  Over the last few years I worked closely with Marie Dahlstrom, Founder/Director of Palliative Care Education and Grants, at Familias en Acción.  During that time we created an online certificate for “Culturally Competent Palliative Care of Latinos”.  This certificate was a labor of love and is now being delivered by the California State University Institute for Palliative Care.  Because of this work with Familias, I was given an award at the 2014 Latino Health Equity Conference.  I’m blessed that I’m able to work with Familias and be part of their extended family.  Below is the link to the course at CU, a letter from Marie Dahlstrom, and the image of the award.