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At the University of Portland, I’m blessed to work with amazing educators and leaders. One project that I have supported for years is the School of Business Professional Development Program. I have assisted with the technology needs of the program and supported their use of video for the student brand videos. The videos are 1 minute videos that answer the University core questions – Who am I? Who am I becoming? Why am I here?

The Director of the Program, Gwynn Klobes, has been an amazing collaborator over the years.  She participated in the “Academic Technology Roundtable” program that was part of my department for many years. Recently, she challenged me to create my own brand statement.  I see a trend of people challenging me like I challenge them to learn technology.  Anyway, she decided to take a shot at writing a brand statement for me.  I loved her words and wanted to share.  

“Sam Williams embodies true servant leadership because he works to help others find their own success. He empowers people to use their natural gifts and talents and then assists and guides them in setting on a path to that success. With a supportive and communicative nature, he easily works well with his constituents on and off campus. Creative and innovative visionary, Sam easily deploys existing resources in a strategic fashion to find the next best way to do something. With a collaborative and innovative spirit, Sam makes things happen.”

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